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News & Updates

Since our grassroots group was formed (June 2021), a lot has happened! 


With this timeline, we highlight several achievements and collaborations over the last couple of years.

May 4, 2023:

  • Hundreds of people, wearing orange and place names shirts, stood outside City Hall in support of the name change, and in response to racist anti-name change rhetoric that had been circulating on social media


April 20, 2023:

  • MP Rachel Blaney announced that she has requested changing the electoral riding name to North Island-qathet

March 3, 2023:

  • A public ceremony was held to honour and celebrate the new name qʷaqʷθam for the Patricia Theater's auditorium. It means 'telling a story'

January 23, 2023:

  • Powell River Board of Education begins process to change its name

October 2022: 

  • The Name Matters surveys candidates in municipal election about their stance on changing the City's name

September 20, 2022: 

  • VIU regional campus is given a new name: tiwšɛmawtxʷ, which means House of Learning.

August 9, 2022: 

July 25, 2022: 

July 16, 2022: 

April 6, 2022: 

March 31, 2022: 

  • Members of the qathet Museum and Archives vote in favour of new name

March 9, 2022: 

  • Possible name change process is launched, including community survey

November 2021:

  • The Powell River Peak Newspaper changes its name to Peak, voice of the qathet region

November 3, 2021:

October 1, 2021:

September 30, 2021: 

September 24, 2021:

September 24, 2021:

August 2021:

July (late), 2021:

  • The online store opens on qa t'hah yeesht website to support fundraising initiatives 

July (mid) 2021:

  • Talks begin with Catalyst, a Paper Excellence Company, to rename division

  • Many local businesses and prominent organizations express their interest in honouring the name change as a gesture of reconciliation

July 1, 2021:

July 31, 2023:

September 25, 2023:

October 27, 2023:


October 2023:

May 12, 2021:

  • Three local governments discuss the origins of the City's name, and the prospect of change

July 2018:

  • qathet Regional District formally adopts its new name

October 2017:

  • Regional District concludes public engagement related to name change

June 2017:

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