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čɛčɛhaѳɛšt : Welcome

The Name Matters is a team of Tla'amin and non-Tla'amin volunteers who advocate for the use of respectful and inclusive place names in Tla'amin territory.

Together, our focus is to:

  • educate,

  • raise awareness, and

  • elevate Indigenous voices with compassion and understanding.  

We have a store!

Show your support with place name tees, hoodies & prints.


ʔaʔgayqsən and t̓išosəm also known as Harwood Island and Tla'amin. Come join some of our elders as they share their memories with us. We also talk about the disappearance of the Herring from our waters decades ago.

“We changed the name of our Accordion Fest to reflect the wishes of the Tla'amin Nation, as a small act of reconciliation, and to better represent the geographic area our festival covers.”

- Karina Inkster, co-director of the qathet Accordion Fest

In November 2023 The Name Matters surveyed local businesses and organizations about their name change process, and compiled responses from the 20 survey respondents into a toolkit.


This resource is intended to help you navigate conversations and decisions around changing your organization or business’s name, recognizing the process is different for everyone. We hope you find it helpful.

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